40 of the best corporate blogs to inspire you


40 of the best corporate blogs to inspire you

By Niall Harbison and Lauren Fisher | Posted: September 13, 2012
Business blogging is no easy task. Blogging for a large brand or corporate is even harder in terms of striking the right toneand building an audience while keeping readers engaged.

For all of those in this situation, here are 40 of the best blogs from around the world to provide some inspiration for your own corporate blog.

Marriott On The Move 

Bill Marriott founded and grew the hotel group into one of the largest in the world and his blog is one of the best around. He doesn’t always write about the hotel business, but his content is interesting, dynamic, and raises brand awareness.


Not the best designed blog in the world, but it does get updated on a regular basis, has great content, and a large audience. The blog is mostly focused on the technical side of the platform and its various offerings.


We would have to include a large social media site on the list and Facebook has a blog that it uses especially well. It shares the latest updates to the site and keep users updated on its new privacy updates. Probably the largest blog by some distance on the list.

Whole Foods 

One of the best brands when it comes to health food in the world has an excellent blog that is well-designed and packed withinteresting content. Food blogs have always been huge online and this one fits into that space nicely with tips and recipes as well as company news.

Ice Cream Journal 

This ice cream company make reading its blog a massive pain because as soon as you open up one of the posts, you are just dying to get your hands on some of its ice cream. it also helps that the blog is colorful and has lots of interesting content beyond information about the company’s products.

Delta Airlines 

One of the biggest airlines in the world has been blogging for a while, and it shares tons of information about itself and content that could be useful for any traveler. You’ll hear about new services it’s offering as well as tips on keeping children happy while flying.


One retailer Zappos, which has built its entire culture around social media and wonderful customer service, has a number of blogs. This is its primary blog, in which it shares a information about products and services.

Red Cross 

One of the biggest charities in the world has a wonderful blog that shares the great work it does all over the world as well as highlighting its other social media channels.


The mapping company share lots of information about its work, charity initiatives, and general information that might be useful to people looking for the company’s products. It’s updated on a regular basis and has a large audience.

Bigelow Tea

Who knew that tea could be so interesting? Bigelow Tea has a wonderful blog filled with recipes, product info, serving suggestions, and lovely photos of its products.


The clothing company puts a huge emphasis on travel and adventure on its blog. It doesn’t feel as if you are on a corporate blog when you are reading it; you get a sense of fun and enjoyment while reading.


It is an online company first and foremost so you would expect it to have a good online presence, but its blog is so original and features such good content that it often pops up in the mainstream news.


One of the most well-known car brands in the world has been embracing blogging for some time, and it has some stunning content to share. Its blog is very much focused on cars and engineering as you would expect.


One of the biggest American companies likes to soften its image on its blog and show the work that goes into helping the people who grow the coffee. Interestingly, there is the occasional time where it is also used for political reasons.


The biggest video sharing website in the world uses its blog not only to announce new features on the site, but also to profile up and coming content producers and to help share the love on the biggest and best videos.

GE Reports 

As one of the world’s biggest corporations, one with interests in a variety of sectors, makes it hard for GE to market itself, but the company’s blog is brilliant as it focuses on innovation and how its products are making a difference globally.


The Evernote team keeps its content varied through its use of multimedia content. While also including the usual announcements, Evernote offers some comprehensive posts which delve deep into the app’s many uses.

Southwest Airlines 

While the company clearly focus on aviation, Southwest Airlines’ content is more diverse than you might assume. Covering any area that is linked to travel (like an entire two part series on roller coasters), its posts are lighthearted and easy to read.

37 Signals 

Software company 37 Signals blog “Signal Vs Noise” focuses on design and usability, which highlights the company’s philosophy. Always insightful and never boring, the blog manages to make what is sometimes a boring subject intriguing.


Proving that more can be better, Dell has a vast number of blogs that it links in one landing page to create a comprehensive resource. Dealing with enterprise IT, customer tips, consumer service and education, new articles are regularly posted so you’re always kept up to date.

Adaptive Path 

The San Francisco design company focuses on the technical side of things, covering design and development. Keeping a personal touch and making sure most of its employees contribute to the blog means that you will get something different every time.


The online seller keeps the blog mainly corporate, highlighting main events, items for sale, and regular news updates. Also, the blog provides handy tips and tricks to using the site as well as a behind the scenes look at how the company works.


This is the only blog on this list that hasn’t been updated in the past month, but that is a rare instance for Disqus, an online comment system, which usually updates the blog every week with insights into Web traffic, creating conversation, and product updates.


It was inevitable that the search giant would be featured here, and while Google has numerous blogs dedicated to its many products, its main blog tends to feature the best content from these sections.

Fresh Books 

With a nice, clean interface, Fresh Books blog is uncomplicated and it’s all the better for it. On top of that, the company offers lots of tips and insights into the world of business and enterprise.

Oracle Apps Lab 

If you’re interested in the Internet of Things and are intrigued by technology, Oracle’s Apps Labs will provide you with a wealth of content to read through.


Like Dell, Adobe makes great use of its employee blogs, allowing them to post tutorials, guides, and other bits and pieces that help enrich the experience. Another important part is that they’re not required to reference Adobe products in their posts meaning that the reader gets more value as a result.


Considering that the product in question focuses on gaming, one of the most immersive mediums out there, Playstation’s blog is full of multimedia content and exclusives. Also, it encourages its community to get involved, meaning that you’re guaranteed hearty comments and discussion for even the most minor news update.


Dropbox’s easy going design (helped by the pencil-colored banner) is reflective of how it treats its blog. Easy to take in and clean, the blog for this popular cloud storage company will always catch your eye. The majority of its content is product related but its also posts fun updates to help mix things up.


Not every blog has to be reams of text, some can be simple and to the point. Flickr photo sharing community’s blog publishes the day’s best photos, which follow a certain theme. That’s not to say the team never write anything, but for the most part, it’s the images that do the talking.


The self-publishing company provides plenty of resources for budding authors as well as insights into the disruptive world that is publishing. Covering eBooks, author interviews, and advice on a number of publishing topics, Lulu has one of the most astute blogs you will find.

General Motors 

General Motors may focus on its cars, and its headings do suggest that the blog is really a way of advertising new products, but delve a little deeper and you’ll find its content is more than this. Many of its posts explore the design choices behind each car, but it also throws in other intriguing topics such as electric energy and robotics.


Through a combination of food images and tasty content, Wegman is focused on providing info and tips that will help enrich your cooking experience. It also deviates from the usual recipe posts by dedicating time on topics such as organic foods and school lunches.


Employment services company Manpower provides useful content relating to employment lag by engaging and educating its visitors. The site has other blogging section such as contemporary working and career coaching.


Featuring intelligent posts and great use of multimedia features, Cisco’s blog should also be noted for its accessibility; its commenting and rating system is complemented by its concise design.


IBM encourages its staff to contribute their own thoughts and ideas even if they go against the company’s views or position. This freedom ensures that the information provided on its blog is always honest, relevant, and ultimately unaffected by any corporate meddling.


Showing that any company can blog if it has the right aim, Caterpillar’s construction-focused blog is a fantastic example of how you can engage with your target audience. With advice, how-to guides, and regular discussion, it uses its community to solve any problems that may arise for its customers.


Kodak’s blog follows the same principal as Flickr’s, and while the blog has a traditional photo of the day post, it shines when it uses images to tell stories. This gives the blog a personal feel and gets across the message that Kodak is a brand that wants to share all your moments.


The sales and marketing site provides a wide range of guides and posts relating to online issues and growing your business.

Breaking Point 

Cybersecurity doesn’t sound like the sexest of topics, but if you have a working knowledge of it, you will find a company blog that shows off its expertise by going into as much detail as possible.

Niall Harbison and Lauren Fisher are the founders of Simply Zesty, where a version of this story first appeared.