Marketing’s secret weapon: Captain James Tiberius Kirk

By Alan Pearcy | Posted: October 25, 2012

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“Galloping around the cosmos is a game for the young.” While this statement might be too old for PR and marketing newbies to recall, it shouldn’t stop industry professionals—both fledging and seasoned—from channeling their inner Captain Kirk. Turns out, the commander of the starship Enterprise from “Star Trek” provides a valuable lesson for marketers grappling to find their bearings in our “digital galaxy.” As Fast Company reports, companies mustn’t explore technology strictly out of necessity, but out of curiosity balanced with logical motives. 

No disrespect to Captain Kirk and company, but I say channel whomever you’d like for Halloween. Just be warned, “Zombie Mouth” is lurking. As part of a public health campaign to teach kids about oral hygiene during the candy-crazed holiday, the American Dental Association and PopCap Games released the results of a survey with rather interesting insights from the trick-or-treaters themselves.

The trick appeared to be on anyone who saw a photo of four enthusiastic Louisiana State University students—all members of the “Painted Posse”—that appeared on the school’s digital platforms. The trick part is that Christian crosses on the fans’ chests were airbrushed out of the picture. It’s landed LSU in some hot water. 

It was an image of actress Natalie Portman that proved too misleading for the U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority. The organization has banned the Oscar winner’s newest campaign for Dior’s lash-multiplying mascara after competitor L’Oreal UK complained that it allegedly exaggerated the effects of the product

Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake has been cut out of his wedding photo with actress Jessica Biel. AfterPeople magazine published the first, exclusive photo of the newlyweds—in which Timberlake is leaping excitedly—the ex-boy bander started appearing in a variety of well-known images, sparking a new meme on the Web. 

Although it’s not quite JT’s new Myspace redesign tease, content hub BuzzFeed is making a push into the music space, announcing a new partnership with online-streaming music service Rdio

Speaking of BuzzFeed, it released a collection of the nine craziest Russian commercials. Here’s a “crazy” peek at one: 

Crazy doesn’t begin to describe the argument of an accused rapist who’s using the so-called “Four Loko defense,” claiming he was too intoxicated from the controversial beverage to remember what happened and, therefore, shouldn’t be held responsible. 

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Definitely something to keep in mind for the makers of Armageddon, the world’s priciest and strongest beer, made with 65 percent alcohol. To put that into perspective for you, a typical Budweiser is 5.3 percent. 

As for strong passwords, if yours happened to make 2012’s list of the 25 worst, I recommend you try a different option for protecting that precious Facebook account. 

Now if only there was a way to protect Sarah Palin’s Facebook page from herself. The former GOP vice presidential candidate is in hot water after using the phrase “shuck and jive” in a post on the social network in regards to President Obama’s handlings of the deadly attack in Benghazi. Palin, however, referred to the criticism as “racially inflammatory.” 

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There are countless options available for measuring which of our candidates are currently leading the presidential race. While some are significantly more scientific in their methods, others take a more novel approach. Case in point:, a street art project turned website that lets visitors print out posters of both Obama and Romney to put up in some public forum. Then, people place gum over whichever candidate they feel “sucks most.” (via Creativty


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