Protect Your Profile: 3 Things To Do On Facebook

Protect Your Profile: 3 Things To Do On Facebook.

facebook1If you’ve been following the tech world news, you know that Facebook is getting ready to unveil “Graph Search” to US English users.  This service will allow all the profile info that you have updated over the years, all the photos you’ve added, plus all of the pages you ‘like’ to become part of Facebook’s database and available to just about anyone.  This means that now, anyone searching for a vegan, communications headhunter who is a Girl Scout, can find me.

This data is not new, it’s what has been in your profile—forever. All the stuff you wanted your friends to see.  Now, however, everyone will be able to access it.  If you would rather friends of your friends and their friends not be able to come up with your name, LAPTOP magazine offers the following suggestions:

1.  Limit who can search for you in Facebook:

– Click the Lock icon on the top right of your profile

– Click Edit next to “Who can look up your timeline by name”

– Select Friends from the drop-down menu that appears

– Click Close

2.  Check out your Activity Log to make sure you want all those pictures out there.

– Click the Lock icon on the top right of your profile

– Click Use Activity Log next to “Review all your posts and things you’re tagged in.”

– Click on the icon of two people’s head to the right of any post, like, tag, comment, photo, etc. that where you would prefer to limit the visibility

– Click Report/Remove Tag  (language for a photo might change)

– Select “I want this photo removed from Facebook.”

– Click Continue.  A message will be sent to the person who posted the item, requesting that they remove it.

3.  All of the above will automatically limit future posts.  Unfortunately, you may not have the same setting on old posts.  You will need to:

– Click the Lock icon on the top right of your profile

– Click Limit Past Posts next to “Limit the audience for old posts on your timeline.”

– Click Limit Old Posts.

Now breathe, have a glass of wine and relax.  This is not easy but it’s worth protecting your profile.  You never know who will be searching……


Published: July 16, 2013 By: THEHIRINGHUB