A big week for online news

Katelyn Garmong

One would think that Bezos buying the Washington Post would top the charts in terms of online news headlines.  Going alongside the nature on online news, however, lots has been happening both in terms of successes and failures for online news models.

One of the most visible occurrences was the problems with NYTimes.com.  The New York Times is often looked to as the newspaper that is doing it right, however, when online services went out for a large part of the day today. People were a twitter. On Twitter (bad joke). Comments ranged from “Can’t hack a broadsheet” via @jaredbkeller to jokes about the episode resulting in honor of the 10th anniversary of the blackout or as a strategy of Bezos to help out the Washington Post. Poynter’s blog has a Storify of other tweeted responses.

This all happened as violence in Egypt escalated, putting the times behind as…

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