Thank You,Thank You: 10 Steps To Writing a Great Thank You Note

Thank You,Thank You: 10 Steps To Writing a Great Thank You Note.

Thank You,Thank You: 10 Steps To Writing a Great Thank You Note

thank youWriting thank you notes is never as easy as it seems.  If it’s a thank you for an interview or for a favor done, it still requires some thought. Thank younotes are common courtesy. They can strengthen relationships and will be remembered.  In a business situation, they are a necessity.  First, you must decide on the appropriate format — paper or email.  If it’s thanking someone for an interview, you want to get it out immediately, so opt for email.  If it’s thanking someone for a gesture or favor, you might want to hand write a nice note.  Other things to consider:

1.  Do it now! – A thank you note leaves a positive impression.  The more time that lapses in between the meeting and sending the thank you note, the gesture becomes less effective. A thank you note right after a interview can reinforce your strength as a candidate. While thank you notes are truly better late than never, do it as soon as you can and, if for a job interview, do it immediately.

2.  Use a name.  Whether you use a first name or a title depends on your familiarity with the person or people involved in the interview process.  Never address a note to the ‘group’ or send one thank you to ‘everybody.’

3.  Opening.  Start the note off with a clear reason — Thank you for meeting with me yesterday.

4.  Why?  Now state why you are thanking them.  For an interview, you can say that you appreciated meeting the person, and that you are excited about the position.  For a networking meeting, let the person know that their advice was helpful.

5.  Praise.  While not always necessary, you can acknowledge the person’s expertise.  If it fits the situation, mention it.  If not, don’t worry about it.

6.  Next steps.  If you want to keep the door open, or previously spoke about a follow up, mention it now.  In an interview situation, you can just say that you look forward to hearing from the person.

7.  A gift.  If someone did you a favor and you are sending them a gift, you should include a sentence on why you picked the item.  It could be something like I noticed you were a big fan (of a particular team), or that you heard they were chocolate lovers.  If you didn’t pick out anything personal, you can say you thought this would look good on their desk etc.

8.  Ending.   You can always add a ‘thanks again’ or something equally as simple.

9.  Signature.  In a business situation, it is always better to use “Best Regards,” “Sincerely,” or “Yours Truly . ”  If you typed the note, always sign your name.

10.  Handwriting.  A handwritten note is always the best, especially in non-interview situations.  However, if you decided to write your note, make sure it is easily readable.

As with anything you do in business, plan out what you want to say, and make sure there aren’t any errors.  A little thank youcan go a long way.