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For over 20 years, Colleen & Earl Quenzel worked for & learned from some of the world’s biggest consumer, business & eCommerce brands.

As senior executives responsible for growing the brands under their care, they developed, directed & delivered a variety of world-class new customer acquisition, current customer optimization & best customer retention & loyalty marketing programs.

Whether entering new markets, growing existing markets or turning around declining markets, they developed a track record for consistently building brands effectively, efficiently & fast. Utilizing a combination of branding, advertising, sales, web design & internet marketing they developed a deep understanding of the Integrated Marketing techniques necessary to win in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

In their role as ‘Clients’ they worked directly with some of the very best branding experts, advertising agencies, web design firms & internet marketing agencies across the globe.

When Colleen started our Advertising Agency in Florida (after a year-long sabbatical in London, England with her husband Earl who was busy as Chief Marketing Officer launching the ‘Name Your Own Price’ website, across Europe) she wanted to build a new breed of Advertising Agency in Florida… an Integrated Brand Marketing Agency.

About Colleen Quenzel

Colleen Quenzel displayed her entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. While studying at The University of Texas in Austin, she launched her first business. Just like the Texas Longhorns, she was ‘Hooked.’

After achieving her degree in Advertising, she sold her business, moved to Houston, Texas and worked as a stockbroker for the Paine-Webber affiliate, Rotan-Mosle. After a few years, Colleen decided to pursue her passion for marketing at Quality Beverage, the largest wine & spirit distributor in the state of Texas, at that time. At Quality Beverage, she launched several new beverage brands into the marketplace, including Kendall-Jackson, Gallo Varietals and Bacardi Breezers.

After almost a decade in the beverage industry, Colleen moved to the Northeast for a senior position with Synapse Group, the largest magazine subscription agency in the United States. She successfully launched a new business for Synapse building a new distribution channel, selling 5M+ subscriptions annually. She identified, acquired and managed 22 strategic partners, including such leading consumer brands such as United Airlines, American Airlines, Marriott Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, Universal Studios, and American Express. Within 3 years, revenue topped $20M annually.

The purchase of Synapse Group, by Time, Inc. gave Colleen the opportunity to moved to London, England where she joined her husband, who had taken a position as the CMO tasked with the assignment of launching While living in London, Colleen traveled throughout Europe, extensively.

After moving to Florida, Colleen founded Quenzel & Associates, Inc. Colleen is President & CEO. Quenzel & Associates is a Branding, Advertising, Web Design & Internet Marketing Agency in Fort Myers, Florida. Agency clients include Pink Shell Beach Resort & Spa, Denmark Interiors, Dr. Ralph R. Garramone and many more.

Colleen lives in Fort Myers, Florida with her husband Earl, her chocolate lab, Jaz (the office mascot) and her two feline friends… Reo & Top Cat. She enjoys dining, entertaining & winning at every game she plays!

About Earl Quenzel

Earl joined his wife Colleen at Quenzel & Associates, Inc. in 2005. Earl oversees New Customer Acquisition Marketing, Current Customer Optimization (Cross-Sell, Up-Sell) & Best Customer Retention and Loyalty Marketing Customer efforts for the agency’s clients. In that role, he takes the lead on our client’s marketing planning, strategy, creative & performance analysis.

Prior to Q&A, Earl was General Manager & Chief Marketing Officer for the Resorts of Captiva & Sanibel Islands which provided Sales, Marketing, Revenue Management & Reservations services to 4-star resorts in Southwest, FL.

Before moving to Florida, Earl was a Founder & the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) responsible for launching As CMO, he oversaw brand management, advertising, web marketing, website conversion, customer experience, customer relationship management, partner management, business development, public relations & agency relationships.

Prior to priceline, Earl created customer loyalty & retention value among AT&T’s 20M+ high-value customers. While running AT&T’s True Rewards program (the largest loyalty program in the U.S.A.), AT&T turned around a 10-year share decline. Earl also ran AT&T Sponsorships & Partner Marketing, where he re-designed AT&T’s data-driven marketing programs, delivering a growth in customer acquisitions from 100K to 1.7M customers annually pushing new customer revenue from $27.5M/year to $467M/year while reducing cost-per-acquisition from $100 to $58/acquisition.

Before the telecommunications industry, Earl spent a decade in the airline industry holding senior marketing posts at TWA, Eastern & Continental Airlines.

At Continental Airlines, Earl was responsible for leading the OnePass frequent flyer program turning it into a powerhouse that was cited by “Worst to First” & the Wall Street Journal with helping save the airline from bankruptcy. During his tenure, the Continental OnePass program was rated “Best in the Industry” for six straight years…winning six of seven categories four years in a row. He also ran Continental Airlines Grand Destinations Vacations, building it from 100,000 passengers a year to over 500,000 per year.

Prior to Continental, Earl was a Founder & the Senior VP Marketing & Sales responsible for launching The Travel Channel. He delivered $39M in revenue within one year of launch, achieving new cable industry records for first year subscribers & revenue performance. He produced over 130 direct response TV commercials and 60+ travel shows including Arthur Frommer’s Almanac of Travel.

As Director of Marketing at TWA he managed $1.5B in revenue. He ran TWA’s Frequent Flyer program, Getaway Tours, Getaway Credit Card, & Senior Pass.

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