Ron Magill on Zoo Miami’s Media Outreach and Communication Strategies

Ron Magill on Zoo Miami’s Media Outreach and Communication Strategies.

Mike Bako, Marketing Manager of D S Simmon, speaks with Ron Magill, Communications Director of ZOO MIAMI, about his innovative and creative approach to communications and media outreach.

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“It’s really all about developing relationships, and I think that if we get ourselves out of our little niche-it’s obvious you can do something for Animal Planet or Discovery Channel, but I try to do things also on sports radio, talk radio, morning drive radio- trying to get yourself out of that niche, and trying to appeal to more than just preaching to the choir. And I think that’s the important thing.”

“I still believe there’s something to be said about broad stream media- like television news, like doing radio shows, doing documentaries and things like that.”

“The Zoo’s got to teach, but not in a teaching manner, it’s what I call education through entertainment. We’ve got to get people enthused, educated, but entertained. They’ve got to have fun.”

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