Writing: Why It’s Not For Dummies

Writing: Why It’s Not For Dummies.

Writing: Why It’s Not For Dummies

I recently read “Business Writing For Dummies” by Natalie Canavor.  I’m always interested in books on writing.  Writing tests are becoming commonplace, and it is always a good idea for candidates to brush up on their writing skills.  This is not a ‘how-to’ book with recommended sentences, etc.  It is a book full of ideas and recommendations on ways to do things, and how to do them easier.  It is meant for people trying to advance their writing skills, regardless of whether they’re in a corporate environment or in their own business.  Ms. Canavor covers everything, from writing emails and business correspondence  to composing blogs and self-editing.

The book is written in an easy-to-read and follow style.  You can go from cover-to-cover or just pick out the chapters you want.  It serves as a quick review and will give you ideas on how to make your writing flow easier.

One thing not in most writing books is a chapter called,  ”Ten Ways To Advance Your Career With Writing. ”  In this chapter, Ms. Canovor covers the following:

1.  Using your writing to build your image

2.  Writing an elevator speech

3.  Creating a long-range career plan

4.  Writing an ad for your dream job

5.  How to thank people

6.  Taking notes

7.  Using messages to stay in touch

8.  Writing blog posts, comments and tweets

9.  Explaining your value

10.  Profiling your supervisor

While not covered in-depth, this will definitely provide you with ideas on how to help your career.

Another area that was quite different, was Ms. Canovor’s chapter on “English as the Global Language of Business” and how to adapt business English to specific countries.  She details the style to use, practical tips for letters and emails, and covers what to avoid.  This book is a must for those who are  beginning to work in a global atmosphere.