PR Pros: How Will You Succeed in 2014? Tell Us!

PR Pros: How Will You Succeed in 2014? Tell Us!.

PR Pros: How Will You Succeed in 2014? Tell Us!

Image of PR Pros: How Will You Succeed in 2014? Tell Us!PR professionals have more opportunities for success than ever today, and yet challenges do remain. How can you build and maintain trust with your key audiences when the public is increasingly skeptical? What are the most effective ways to reach a connected, mobile society that prefers multiple sources of news and information? How can you best determine what tactics do—and don’t—work so you can justify your investment?

The good news is that PR professionals have the right tools not only to solve these challenges but to turn them into new opportunities. Here are 3 ways that savvy PR pros are taking full advantage of our on-demand, on-the-go world to drive the success of their campaigns:

Reaching a Multi-Channeled Society.  Nowadays people get their news and information from multiple sources. A lot of attention has focused on social media and smart devices, but people do still turn on their TVs and radios.  They read newspapers and magazines, and they still have in-person conversations.  What today’s media consumer wants is information on demand. Reaching the right influencers is critical, and making use of the tools designed to find and engage those audiences enhances your chances for success. An effective communications plan takes this into account and includes all of the available channels, as well as using targeting tools to make sure you’re reaching the right people.

Delivering Relevant Content. Today’s media consumers are constantly searching for news and information they can use, and they want it immediately. Public relations professionals have long understood the value of timely and credible information and have mastered the art of delivering it—like by supplying subject matter experts to journalists looking for sources for their stories. Delivering meaningful content that adds value to your target audiences will be a key area of emphasis in the year ahead, one of the most powerful ways to build connections.

Understanding ROI. Measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns is more critical than ever these days when every penny of your marketing budget needs to count. Social and digital technologies give you the ability to gain insights—often in real time—into who is reading and sharing your content and talking about your brands. You can even gauge the sentiment of those conversations.  These are real, tangible metrics that can increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and contribute to better ROI.

What are your most pressing PR challenges and smart new solutions for 2014?

Image of PR Pros: How Will You Succeed in 2014? Tell Us!

Kurt Heinemann
CMO, Marketwired

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