Media Relations: What We Can Learn from the Bassmasters

Media Relations: What We Can Learn from the Bassmasters.

Interesting article by Josh Berkman, President, Piston Communications, about when and how to effectively pitch the media and get the most coverage for you and your clients. 

When I think about my greatest hits, they all have one thing in common: They embodied at least four of the main elements. In other words, the bait was tasty. There’s a science to selecting your bait and tackle, but first, it’s worth reviewing the six elements.

  1. Timeliness: Why now?
  2. Proximity: Local news is news to someone. Who is it?
  3. Human Interest: Can you tell this story at a backyard barbecue or cocktail party and expect that a crowd will gather around?
  4. Prominence: Anybody famous?
  5. Conflict: Man vs. man? Man vs nature? Man vs. himself?
  6. Consequence: Who’s life is about to change?