Public Relations Is Not Nice

Public Relations Is Not Nice.

Good morning and happy Monday!  Interesting article from Jennifer Witter, CEO and Founder of The Boreland Group, Inc, about the essence of Public Relations and how we as PR practitioners need to better job of representing ourselves to our key audiences and the media.


Image of Public Relations Is Not Nice By Jennefer Witter, CEO and Founder, The Boreland Group Inc.

PR is not a nicety. It is an essential tool that, alas, many businesses overlook. We in PR need to do a better job of presenting ourselves to our key audiences. The perception, in part, is one that is shaped by the media, a la the Samantha Jones character in “Sex and the City,” who didn’t seem to do much work but seemed to have a glamorous work life, throwing parties and going to them. What is not depicted is the strategy, creativity and business acumen that one needs to be successful in this industry. And the ability to work long, hard hours for demanding, stressed clients. Or the stress we face – according to CareerCast, PR is one of the ten most stressful jobs in America (it’s ranked #6 this year; it was #5 in 2013).

What makes PR valuable? It is our ability to help shape a business’ image to appeal to its target market in a way that is authentic, honest and resonates with their specific needs.  We translate the brand proposition to the tangible – what is the valuethat the client offers, whether it’s a service or product. And, most of all, we work to get our clients their “unfair share of attention,” a critical element in an economy that is still in recovery and has contributed to an extremely competitive landscape.