Email Cover Letters: Five Steps To Getting Yours Read

Email Cover Letters: Five Steps To Getting Yours Read.

Email Cover Letters: Five Steps To Getting Yours Read

First impressions count and, in many cases, your first impression is your email cover letter.  When sending a cover letter via email,  the same rules apply as to a paper cover letter.  If you are answering an ad, make sure your read the instructions posted by the employer/recruiter.  Follow these instructions exactly.  If you don’t, your cover letter might not make it into the company’s system or your email may be eliminated.

Image of Email Cover Letters: Five Steps To Getting Yours ReadWhen you send an email cover letter, consider:

1.  The Subject Line.  It’s important.  Unless noted in an ad, don’t put the job number here or leave it blank.  Market yourself using the job title and a few descriptive words.

2.  The Format.  You should follow the format of a paper cover letter.  Include a salutation using a person’s name, if possible, blank lines between paragraphs, and a format closing with your signature information.

3.  Keep It Simple, Short and Concise.  Most hiring managers scan cover letters and want the pitch delivered quickly – 150 words or less.   Sentences should be short, 40 characters is ideal according to research.

4.  Be Specific.  Highlight your skills/abilities that fit the position.  Use words for the ad or job description.  Keywords are a must.

5.  Send a Test Message.  Email the message to yourself and a friend to make sure the formatting works.

Always doublecheck the spelling of names as well as the whole document for typos or grammar mistakes.  Don’t rely on spell check.  Your cover letter should make the reader go to your resume for more information.

Follow the rules to make a good first impression.