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Tired Of Being Overqualified? 4 Issues You Must Face

Tired Of Being Overqualified? 4 Issues You Must Face.

Tired Of Being Overqualified? 4 Issues You Must Face

overqualification1Are you being told that you are overqualified for jobs?  You should make sure that you meet at least 80% of the qualifications for a job.  If you do and, in fact, you have more than that, you may be answering ads for jobs where you are overqualified. Now, there may be a good reason for that. You may want a change, you may want to do something new, you may have family obligations, etc.  There may be a number of reasons, but just needing a job is not one of them. Many times an employer will consider someone who is overqualified if they understand why you want to make a move like this.

You must explain the reasons you want to take a lesser position in your cover letter.  You cannot do this by submitting your resume online. Your cover letter must convince an employer that you really want to do this so you get a face-to-face meeting where you can explain further.

Some of the problems employers see hiring an overqualified person are:

1.  Salary.  Most companies have a grade level for jobs and someone with more experience is perceived as being paid more.  You must be prepared to answer this in your cover letter with a statement that you are aware you will be taking a pay cut or mention the dollar range you are willing to accept.

2. You need a job, any job.  In this economy, candidates are willing to step back because they need a job.  That is not what an employer wants to hear.  They will be afraid that you will keep looking for a position that is a better fit.  You must explain why this position is something you want.

3.  You will be underutilized. Underutilized means you will be bored.  A new position should offer new opportunities to learn.  If you are bored, you will leave.

4.  Younger supervisors.  This is a very hard issue to deal with as it has more to do with the hiring manager than you.  If you have more experience than your supervisor,  you could want their job.

If, during the interview, an issue is mentioned, answer it head on.  Everyone has issues at some point.  Whether it’s about changing your career or working less hours, be honest about why the position is of interest.  Acknowledge the issues. You just may get the job!