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7 Reasons Not to Pitch Your Story This Week

7 Reasons Not to Pitch Your Story This Week.

7 Reasons Not to Pitch Your Story This Week

Image of 7 Reasons Not to Pitch Your Story This WeekBy Susan Young, CEO,  Get in Front Communications, Inc.

The July 4th holiday typically throws newsrooms and reporters into a ‘scramble for something other than pools, camping, and gas price stories…PUH-LEEZE!’

Monday’s are typically slow news days. But as the hours passed, it became glaringly obvious that the upcoming holiday would be far from the norm.

Online news sites, bloggers, and reporters entrenched in digital had plenty of content and breaking news to last through Labor Day.

Unless PR and marketing pros can newsjack a story from the sorted headlines and tweets below, don’t even think about pitching your story or press release. It will likely appear mediocre at best. At worst, you’ll ruin your credibility.

Newsjacking has been around for decades, but with social media it’s now been given a spiffy new name.

When I was working as a broadcast news director and reporter, we called it ‘piggybacking on a story’, meaning we could find the local connection to a bigger story that was making news at the moment.

The goal was to beat the competing media outlets to the punch with a fresh angle and fabulous quote or sound bite. Get creative. And hurry.

Pitch your story only if you have a new and relevant angle that clearly connects to the big news:

  • Contraception and Hobby Lobby
  • Immigration reform
  • BNP Paribas $8.8 billion fine
  • New GM recalls
  • Israeli teens found dead
  • World Cup
  • Facebook study

Oh, and there’s apparently a storm heading for the East Coast, just in time for the holiday weekend.

Maybe there’s a silver lining in this news cloud. Was this busy and frightening day the only way to bump the baby bumps and Kardashian escapades that masquerade as interesting or newsworthy from the headlines?

Once again, this former reporter is left scratching her head and going for the news from Nutella.

Image of 7 Reasons Not to Pitch Your Story This Week

 About the Author: Susan Young is an award-winning news, social media, PR, and communications professional with 26 years of experience.  Her new book, “The Badass Book of Social Media and Business Communication” [Kindle Edition] was recently released.  She works with organizations that want to use digital platforms to increase their visibility, credibility, and revenues. Susan’s company, Get in Front Communications, provides consulting and coaching on all things communication. Her latest accomplishment: Being named one of the ’75 Badass Women on Twitter.’(@sueyoungmedia)