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Social media pros tweet zingers for ‘National Tell a Joke Day’

By Beki Winchel | Posted: August 17, 2018


Few digital marketers hold back on national “holidays” such as National Tell a Joke Day.

On Thursday, many communicators newsjacked the trending hashtag #TellAJokeDay to grab attention and elicit a few laughs (or groans).

Whether or not you enjoy puns, you might chuckle at these tweets from social media managers flexing their comedy muscles:

Chuckle-worthy ambassadors

Sometimes, a spokesman, character or social media influencer can say it better than you can.

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This was the case when the National Basketball Association showcased Giannis Antetokounmpo’s jokes, History Channel’s UK account tweeted a funny moment involving Ozzy Osbourne and Radio Disney shared a video featuring Jack Avery:

Kelley Blue Book even shared a failed joke attempt from its ambassador Chase Elliot:

Not all organizations’ ambassadors were human, either. Take, for example, Cookie Monster and Big Bird from “Sesame Street”:

Snarky quips and jabs

The growing trend of being sassy on Twitter was seen in yesterday’s efforts to jump on the national “holiday.”

Chicago pizza place Lou Malnati’s tweeted:

Busch Beer took a shot at a trendy seasonal beverage:

Pluckers Wing Bar and Natural Light beer called out competitors, while satirical sports blog Barstool Sports tweeted disses from its local college Twitter profiles:

Crowdsourced jokes

A common engagement tactic is to encourage your audience to participate by asking them a question. Several brand managers chose this route:

Other social media managers went one step farther and asked for followers to do the work for them:

Passive brand mentions

The most common form of newsjacking a hashtag involves social media managers tweeting text, photos and videos that align with their organizations’ products and services, but still fit the theme.

Though consumers can easily become fatigued by this type of interaction as it’s often seen as a veiled attempt at directly marketing the organizations’ offerings, many efforts were focused on the jokes that aligned with their brand messaging. This helped the tweets fit into the trending hashtag, but still highlighted the organizations behind them.

Netflix’s comedy account, City of Sarasota Police Department, Freeform’s “Grown-ish,” U.S. Geological Survey’s Volcano Hazards Program, Crop Juice, National Science Foundation, Banning Electric, Waterstones and Target all used this tactic





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